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Recycled Paper
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A preserving company based in Beechworth.

We make handmade, great tasting products we are proud of.

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Hot Sauce

Our Seasonal Hot Sauce Collections start with a fermented chilli mash & are flavoured by the fantastic local produce available in the North East. We have a heat level for everyone, just check the chilli percentage on the label as your guide. 


Live Ferments

Our Classic Kimchi & Classic Sauerkraut are live ferments, vegan, gluten free & delicious! Fermented for over 30 days they are unpasteurised to keep all the good stuff in there for you. Don't miss our Kimchi Table Sauce & Kimchi Bloody Mary Mix, both made with the brine of our Classic Kimchi​

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We are passionate chefs & avid gardeners, who love to work with the produce grown around us & by us. The Seasonal Hot Sauce Collections showcase the amazing produce available for us to gather in The North East. 


The live ferment range is unpasteurised, unadulterated & lacto-fermentated & like all our products are made with 100% Australian produce. We have set ourselves high environmental & sustainability standards because it is important that our impact is positive & not wasteful.

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