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As chefs we were always fascinated with how & where our produce was coming from, so we created our own veggie garden. While we were in the garden, we started to learn how to read the plants & understand the patterns & the systems that are happening all around us, it was so satisfying! All that energy spent in the garden resulted in an abundance of produce, more than we could ever have eaten or given away, a delightfully delicious side effect of discovering a new passion!

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With few options to ensure our harvest was not wasted, we got preserving. Our chef skills were let loose as we concocted all manner of products, from dill pickles to fruit leather! As we experimented, we also settled on some favorites (some of which are now in our core line). We had so much fun creating diversity within the various gluts of fruits & vegetables we were producing, achieved by adding different flavors from the bounty of local produce around us, like our Habanero, Persimmon & Apricot Hot Sauce. We grew the habaneros & gathered the persimmon & apricot.


Our friends & family became our guinea pigs, graciously accepting the fruits of our labour. Their positive feedback fueled & drove us to pursue our dream. Thanks to the fantastic team at Murmungee Basin Produce we were presented with an amazing opportunity! To adopt some land to start our own market garden, which we call the Victory Patch. It's something we are indescribably grateful for. Our products are made with 100% Australian grown produce. We grow all the ingredients we can at the Victory Patch & we go out & gather what we can from our local area. Being located in Beechworth we are subject to very distinct seasons which means some vital ingredients (like chillis) can't be grown year-round, so we source those items through our AMAZING supplier Goldfields Greengrocer.


It has been integral to the creation of Edible Alchemy that our environmental impact is minimal.  We nourish the garden with all of the green waste that we create when producing our products. The packaging of our products is reusable, compostable or recyclable & we accept the return of our jars & bottles. We request plastic free packaging options for products that come to us & only use compostable packaging to ship our own products.

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