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Seasonal Hot Sauce Bundle

Seasonal Hot Sauce Bundle


The new collection has arrived!

We’ve just put the finishing touches (spelling mistakes and all 🤪)on this collection. Introducing….

Louisiana Style #1
Simple & versitile. Funky & tangy. Sweet & sour. Is your mouth watering yet? We fermented our patch grown Cayennes to bring you this Louisiana Style Hot Sauce that will elevate your condiment game & get your taste buds up out of their chairs and onto the dancefloor.

Habanero 15%, Saffron bisque
Showcasing on the amazing tommy toes we grew this season & help from our friends, we present saffron bisque. Our classic fermented habanero mash funk takes centre stage with beautiful Castagna Chenin & orange zest bringing some brightness. The habanero heat comes roaring over the top and you’re left with the sweet saffron by Gamlia & toasted fennel seed

Padron 28%, Prickly Pear, Cardamom
Moving into autumn we wanted to make something moodier.
Our prickly pear sauce kind of tastes like chutney. Theres a nice lingering heat from the ripe padrons that isn’t painful but present. With quite a tart finish for how jammie & mangoie it is up front, that sweetness is the prickly pear. All lifted with a light hit of cardomon

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