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Steak & salad tortilla wrap

Well, well, well,it has been a time. With the push to prepare for Christmas we have been remiss in keeping you guys full of great serving suggestion, we’re sorry! During the inception of Edible Alchemy our friends & family became our guinea pigs. The recipe we have for you today is from one of those fantastic people. This delicious wrap is a great way to use up left over beef if your looking for something quick or you can go full out & grab yourself your favourite cut of steak.

Steak & salad tortilla wrap w/ fried halloumi, beetroot hummus & Edible Alchemy Classic Kimchi.

What you are going to need

  • Tortillas

  • Steak, cooked to your liking, seasoned & sliced thinly

  • Salad, your favourite combo

  • Beetroot hummus

  • Halloumi, (Aphrodite if you can get it because it is the BEST halloumi)

  • Edible Alchemy Classic Kimchi

We can’t wait to try this one & would love to see if you do! Tag us @ediblealchemyau


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