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Spicy, boozy, caramel popcorn!

Welllll I’m stuck inside thanks to the spicy cough, the fires on and the sky is gray, time for a low effort comfort snack. I love salt and pepper on my popcorn most of the time, but occasionally I want something a little more than that. That time is now and that snack is spicy, boozie and super delicious.

Alright shopping list

  • Edible Alchemy Hot Sauce

  • Your favourite whiskey

  • Popcorn kernels

  • Veg oil

  • Brown sugar

  • Butter

  • Nuts

  • Salt

  • Pepper

To kick things off I didn’t have any nuts, allll I could find in the back of the cupboard was some white chocolate…. I spose it will have to do. First thing for this one is to get everything ready, once you get going it all happens pretty fast. You’ll need a big pot for the popcorn and a smaller sauce pan for the caramel. If you like your caramel popcorn to be fully coated like Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs, double the amount of caramel.

  • 20ml Edible Alchemy Hot Sauce

(we used Habanero 14%, Peach, Rosemary. All of the autumn collection work well in this recipe, it’s all about how hot you

wanna go)

  • 100g Popcorn kernels

  • 15ml Whisky

  • 60ml Veg oil

  • 100g Butter

  • 200g Brown sugar

  • 100g Peanuts, chopped

  • Salt and pepper

Ok, so now we’ve gotten everything together

Put the butter in the small pot on high heat (but a small burner)

Place the large pot on high heat with the oil and popcorn kernels

Give the pot a good shimmy to coat the kernels in oil

Have the lid for the pot at the ready (I don’t put the lid on straight away because the steam builds up, but you can if you are

nervous about covering the kitchen in popcorn, just leave it slightly ajar)

Once the butter is melted add the brown sugar, whisky and hot sauce

Stir well to combine

Allow to boil until thick, stir with spatula

By now your popcorn should be popping place so place the lid fully on as soon as it starts

Shake the pot while it’s popping so the unpopped kernels fall to the bottom.

Turn the heat off once the popping stops

The caramel should be ready, nice thick uniform caramel

Pour half the caramel over the popped corn, stir

Pour the nuts over the popcorn, stir

Pour over the remainder of the caramel over the popcorn, stir

Season with cracked black pepper and salt flakes

(If you want a darker flavour that’s not quite as sweet, you can bake the popcorn at this point

Around an hour at 110oC)

Allow the popcorn to cool

Store in an air tight container

It’s so moorish it’s almost sickly but I also regret not doubling the caramel! While the white chocolate is good, I really wish I had some nuts kicking around because that would have been better. I also think I’ll use a spicier hot sauce next time, needs a little more kick to balance the sweet. The spicy caramel popcorn is going to be amazing in a bar snack; pretzels, nuts, chocolate ect.

Let us know what you think if you give this recipe a try!



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