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Sauerkraut Toastie!!

This is going to be a quick one but we would be so remised if it wasn’t one of our first blog posts because it is Jes’s new food fixation. It’s so simple, delicious & just great.

As with all things simple it begins with the ingredients;

Great bread, I chose Silvercreek Sourdough’s Multigrain Sourdough… sooo goood.

Good salted butter, we’ve all got our special fancy butter that’s always bought in celebration. Now‘s the time, celebrate this sandwich. Butter the outside of your bread and throw some salt and pepper on.

A good smear of your favourite mustard

I like a strong cheese in this toasty, like a vintage or smoked cheddar, but really you could put regular tasty cheese or even blue cheese on this sandwich and it would be delicious…. cheese is so great.

Your favourite Sauerkraut, can you guess ours?

Then just pop it in the sandwich press and try to be patient


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