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Chilli prawn linguine w/ Broccoli, Blood Orange, Ginger & Habanero Hot Sauce

Sometimes you just have a craving.

There is something comforting about this dish, it’s simple, it’s versatile & best of all it’s delicious.

This dish is very classic, but there are plenty of tweeks you can do to make it your own; cream or no cream, super hot or subtle, olive oil or butter…… there are so many. We added broccoli because it’s just the best!

This recipe is for 2 serves & you’re going to need

400g of raw prawns (thats generous)

100g Butter/Olive oil

20ml Veg Oil

200g Broccoli, sliced

30g Garlic, sliced super thin or minced

50ml Edible Alchemy - Blood Orange, Ginger & Habanero Hot Sauce

1/2 packet of linguini

Parmasan cheese (optional)

Cream (optional)

  1. To start get some water on the stove to boil.

  2. Now place a large frypan on the stove, medium heat. (You want to slowly fry off the garlic…. Patients yields better flavour)

  3. To your pan add 60g of butter or olive oil & the 20ml of veg oil (Veg oil has a higher smoke point, so it will help prevent the butter or olive burning)

  4. Once that’s melted/warm add the garlic, gently fry off unt it smells delicious.

  5. By now the water should be boiling, season the water with two teaspoons of salt

  6. Add the broccoli to the water and blanch for one minute

  7. Back to the pan, add the prawns.

  8. Take the broccoli out of the water an set aside in a colander to drain

  9. Once the prawns have some colour on them add the broccoli

  10. By now the water should be boiling again so add the pasta

  11. Add the rest of the butter or olive oil to the pan & the hot sauce

  12. This is the time to add cream if you want to

  13. Add the pasta, toss, season & serve.

  14. you might find a squeeze of lemon a good idea if you added cream, just to cut through the fat.

  15. Finish with cheese if you want to.

There are plenty of ways to put this together & you can pre cook the pasta and broccoli ahead of time.


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